Keeping Your Precious Vehicle In Mint Condition

mint car

We own one of those classy little roadsters that are really fun to drive over the open road, or to tootle around our local neighborhood.  And it is fun to enjoy the feel of the ocean breeze when driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.  However, there are those times when we must take the car in for some tender loving care, I won’t even do basic maintenance on it because it is a classic model vehicle.  On those occasions, we take it to one of those certified specialty shops and rely on the mechanics there to make sure the car is fine-tuned and running properly.

Now although this car is considered a classic – almost a collector’s item – I won’t let us fall into the habit of keeping it stowed away in our garage as if it is some kind of museum piece.  First, I can’t afford it, and secondly I bought it to drive, not to look at.  However, I do like to make certain it is kept in mint condition.  So I like to take it up the road for regular maintenance at a certified shop where there are mechanics who know how to maintain a car like this one…it is amazing how few mechanics are left who know what to do without using computerized equipment and tools!

Because those certified specialists are located so far away we usually end up staying at a local Hilton hotel near the shop where the car is maintained.  We use Hilton because they offer great service and rooms.  We take advantage of their online reservation service to make sure a room is available and ready when we arrive from putting our car in the shop.  And we make our reservation with a Groupon promo code to get the best discounts on Hilton’s room rates.  We also take advantage of any Groupon coupon specials at the Hilton or at any local restaurants during the time we stay there.  Then we can pick up our car knowing it’s been carefully overhauled and maintained.  We drive home with the confidence that the car is in top condition, and that we’ve had a good respite ourselves.  The car, our bankbook and ourselves all benefit from our trips for regular maintenance and upkeep.

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